Is WinRar best for Zip files?

If you have some files in Zip format and you are interested in using them then it is necessary to have WinRar in your PC. It will work only after the proper installation. If there is such an app in the PC then you will not be able to open such documents. Whenever you try to open those files a Window will open in front of you asking about with which program you want to open this file. Now there is no such app so there will be no result.


WinRar for Zip formats

It is not rocket science. You just need to have installed WinRar in your PC. When you install the setup then after that just go to the Zip format files. When you try to open the files just use open with command. After that, you can see WinRar in the programs list from where you can extract those files into your PC. After the extraction now you can use the files for any purpose.

Types of Zip Files

There are different ways to save your data in zip format. People often use this feature while sending files over the internet. It is the best option to compress your large size files over the internet. After that, you can easily extract them via WinRar. You can save music, images and much more in this format. If you are creating some CDs then it is also a better option for you to keep files in zip format. When the user extracts the files from CD then all the files stored on it will be ready to use. So on a conclusive note, we can say that we can extract our zip files easily with the help of WinRar.

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Can I make a video from PowerPoint Slides?

Hello everybody!

Today I am going to share an interesting topic with you. People often create a slide show while using PowerPoint. They can deliver their views or ideas properly in the form of slides. Now question is that can we collect them all slides in a single video? Let’s check the details!

Can I make a video from PowerPoint Slides?

This post is for all those people who are using PowerPoint for their work. Students often use it during studies for making different presentations. There are people from the business field who create presentations of their projects and share them with their team members and management. In short, there are different purposes for which people use PowerPoint. Now question is that we have a lot of slides and we want to make a single video of all of them, then what we need to do? You just need to make all your slides. If you are interested in adding some effects to your slides then add them in slides. If you have done all then it is time to make a video from all of the slides. You just need to do is simply click on File at the left top corner. When you click on File menu a window will open with different tasks. You just need to click on Export as given below.


After clicking the export tab now you have to select “Create a Video” tab. Now you are able to create the video from your slides. You can save the setting as per your requirement. If you are making it for showing on a large screen then you have to choose the best quality or vice versa. You can set the time of per slide as per your requirement. After this just click on the create video and then save the video to your hard disk.

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Why Does My Husband Use Incognito Mode

I was reading a few articles and saw the comment about why does my husband use incognito mode. So this comes into my mind that a lot of people are there are not aware of the incognito mode, especially in Google chrome. So today I am going to discuss the use of Incognito mode.


Use of Incognito Mode

If you are interested in using a browser in such a way that if any other person uses your computer could not see what you did, then it is best to use Incognito mode. If you are doing some private work and you want to keep secret it then Incognito mode in Google Chrome is the best option for you. People use incognito mode for different purposes.

What is special in Incognito Mode?

The main thing in using incognito mode is that your browsing history will not be saved in the history tab. Furthermore, you can keep your work as a secret from other users. If you are looking at something which is not good for your kids then you can prefer Incognito mode. Here your browsing history will remain a secret. So, it is the best option for you as a parent.

If you are looking for some specific business ideas and you want them to keep secret then just keep it in mind that someone can reveal what you are searching from your browsing history. It is not easy to delete history every time so what to do? The simple way to use your browser is in an incognito mode where you don’t need to delete your history every time when you use the search browser.

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Can I Use Windows 7 in 2020

If you are using Windows 7 in your PC and you want to continue using it then it is a better choice for you. As per the announcement made by Microsoft that Windows 7 will not available with full technical support after January 14th 2020. This is the reason now people are asking about can I use Windows 7 in 2020. Yes, you can use but some of the features are not available for you.


Can I Use Windows 7 in 2020

Hey everyone! I am Jack and today from the platform of FileHippo I am going to share the details regarding your queries. As it is seen that Windows 7 is no more available with technical support by Microsoft. You will not get the latest updates by Microsoft as it has expired in 2020. But Microsoft is offering you to upgrade Windows 7 current version to Windows 10 which is the latest release by Microsoft. But if you are interested in using Windows 7 in your PC then keep it in mind that you can use only those services which are available in your pack. For latest updates, you need to upgrade your Windows version.

How I can use Windows 7 in 2020

You can use Windows 7 normally as you were using before. The thing you have to understand well is about latest updates and security features by Microsoft which are no more available for Windows 7. You can avail all those services by Microsoft only when you upgrade your version to Windows 10. You can upgrade easily without paying any kind of charges. If you are satisfied with your current version then it is not necessary for you to upgrade to Windows 10.

As it is said that Microsoft won’t provide technical support, software updates, security updates, and any type of fixes after January 14, 2020. So now it is up to users what they want. If they are still interested in using Windows 7 then you can use it as per mention limitations or just upgrade and enjoy the latest updates and fixes.

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Can i make a paypal account in Pakistan

Hello everybody!

I was exploring FAQs related to Payoneer account and I saw some of the questions such as “Can I make a PayPal account in Pakistan”? I was first surprised about the question that why people are asking such questions frequently.

After detailed research, I learnt that there is no PayPal service in Pakistan. Government still didn’t work about PayPal properly. Now I understand well that why people are asking about how I can make PayPal account from Pakistan.


Can I make a PayPal account in Pakistan?

Now question is that is there any way to create an account online and enjoy the PayPal services in Pakistan. Actually, it is not possible and to be honest, my suggestion for you is that don’t try to do it and don’t fall in the hands of spammers. There is no way to use such service which is actually not available for you. Some times ago it was possible to transfer PayPal payment to Payoneer account but at present, there is no such service available.

Someone Guarantee me about Making Paypal Account in Pakistan

When people talk like this I just smile on there faces. It is just like someone says I can fly in air or blah blah blah. You have to be a sensible person and check the official website. If you are not expert and still have some doubts in your mind then just ask anybody who is good at using the internet and other services. Just ask him to check the services for Pakistan. If the service exists then you can make your account. But as per my knowledge, there is no such facility at present but in future, you may avail the service in Pakistan. It is good luck to you in the future. If you found it useful then share your views in the comments section. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

I see Mobile view issue in Search Console for my site

If you are concerned about the Mobile usability factor and you saw an alert that your site is not performing better for mobile devices.

Hey everyone, from FileHippo team today I am ready to share my experience with you regarding your problem. You will be happy after the tips I am sharing with you. Your issue is not as big to worry much about that. You just need to follow a single technique we have for you and as a result, there will be no problem for you.


I see Mobile view issue in Search Console for my site | Site Mobile Usability problem

If your site is not mobile-friendly then you will see an alert from the search console. Actually most of the users nowadays are using a mobile phone so Google mobile-first indexing is now more important than before. There are millions of people who re using smartphones. Just think that your site is not working well for mobile users then how you can rank better in the search engine results? For better user experience it is necessary to make your site user-friendly and you can do it only if your site is mobile-friendly. Now question is that what to do? Follow the given steps right below.

AMP plugin

One of the easiest ways to make your site mobile-friendly is the installation of AMP plugin. If your theme is not responsive then it is necessary for you to have AMP plugin in your WordPress website. The process is very simple. Just click on the Plugins. Then click on Add New and then write AMP is the search box.

Here is your plugin. You can simply install the plugin and then activate it for your website. Now your site is a mobile-friendly site. If you are facing any other issue then you can ask it in the comment section. If your problem is resolved then tell us via commenting below. For more information and details stay tuned with us. Thanks.

How I can resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

Nowadays, It is commonly a question asked by bloggers and SEO field people that “How I can Resolve The BreadCrumb Issue“?

Today! I am sharing some of my personal experiences with you. Last night on one of my website I saw some issues while visiting search console. The issue was related to the BreadCrumbs issue. It was in the notification that new BreadCrumbs issues detected for your site. I was really worried but what I did. Just check details.


How I can resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

If you are facing Breadcrumbs issue then in simple words you just consider it a new update from Google. There is some issue in data structure but question is that why I am seeing it now? The answer is simple that Google is now looking for structured data and there is some issue in your data which is causing issues while crawling.

When Google is not crawling your site properly, then it means de-ranking of your site. To prevent Google from doing so you have to fix BreadCrumbs issue.

How to resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

Now let’s discuss the solution. This issue can be resolved through your theme. If you are using some paid theme then by simply making contact with your developer you can handle the issue easily. If you are using free themes then you need to check the BreadCrumbs option in your theme.

I was using Sahifa Theme on one of my websites. In this theme, there is an option of BreadCrumbs. I just disable the feature and now I am able to get rid of this issue. There is no BreadCrumb issue.

So at very first, you have to contact Theme developer from where you bought the theme. If you are trying to do it at your own then just check the option in theme and disable BreadCrumb feature. Then go to search console and click on the validate fix when you see BreadCrumbs issue. If you are unable to find the option in theme then you can change your theme in case of using free themes.

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Can I use 32 bit Software in 64 bit Windows

When we see people asking about the use of 32-bit Software in 64-bit operating system then we came here for the answer. A few days ago, I was using my computer and there were some files which are in Rar format. When I tried to open the file, I was unable to do so because there was no software in my PC which can open Rar files.


Can I use 32-bit Software in 64-bit Windows

There are some programs setups in my PC which I have downloaded when I was using the previous operating system. Now I have a new and fresh Windows. I just start exploring and found a product named as WinRar. I just check the details about the product but it was the 32-bit version. Then I was really confused about what to do because I have to open those files. A thought just came into my mind that why not should I try this one. Though it is a 32-bit version product and my system is 64-bit, but at that time there was no other choice.

I started the installation of the setup. After a few seconds, the product was successfully installed in my PC. Still, I was worried but the product was working properly. A small Windows also opened which said that there is a version of WinRar 64-bit which is suitable for your system. You can get the product for your system. I just closed the Windows and then start the extraction process of my files. Now I am able to open my documents with the 32-bit version in Windows 64-bit version.

After this experience, I learnt that we can use 32-bit version software in 64-bit version OS. I am just sharing my experience with you and I am not sure about the technical aspects of these versions but I think in the time of need we have to check whether the product is working or not. If it is working then we can our job easily otherwise we have to get the proper products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber

Optical fiber is a cable which has narrow like structure and consists of a glass core which helps in sending the signals of light with very less amount of strength. It is used in telecommunication as well as data communication. It is the most flexible cable which has transparent fiber.


Advantages of Optical Fiber:

• Optical fiber has greater bandwidth and speed than any other cables. Range of frequencies are available for data transmission. It refers to data transmission rate. Range of frequencies are used to transmit data. Higher the bandwidth, the more data it can transmit.
• Optical fiber cables are made of glass and it is thinner, therefore it is lighter than any other cable and can be used easily.
• Optical fibers are more flexible than copper wires and can easily bend because of its tensile strength.
• It losses low power which helps it in the long-distance transmission.
• They are cheaper as compare to other cables therefore it is commonly used.
• It has a longer life cycle span than any other cable which is over 100 years.
• Optical fibers are small in size which saves more space in the transmission.
• It has great security as compared to other cables or wires.

Disadvantages of Optical Fiber

• Optical fibres are installed by specialists therefore they are difficult to install.
• It is very easily broken and damaged so you have to take care while using it and try not to bend it.
• Optical fibre is easily effected and harmed by the particular thing as it is small in size as compared to other cables.
• They are not robust that is strong like other cables or wires.
• They are difficult to join because if you bend or connect too much, it will break the connection. Therefore, they have a limited number of physical wires connected together.

Different Uses of Computer

A computer is an electronic device used to control large and small machines which were controlled by humans in the past. They are used in homes for making a home budget, for playing games, listening to music, reading the news and writing. They are also used in offices and schools for data gathering, processing, storage, and sending or receiving e-mail.


Types of Computers and their Uses

Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is the most common type of computer. It sits on the disk or floor and performs a variety of tasks.


They are specialized computers which are optimized for science or graphics. They are more powerful than desktop.

Notebook Computers

Notebook computers are small portable computers. It weighs between 3 and 8 pounds, about 8.5 by 11 inches. It is typically as powerful as a desktop.

Tablet Computer

Tablet computer is the newest development in portable computers. In tablet computers, the input is given through a pen. It runs specialized versions of office products.

Handheld Computer

They are very small computers like Personal Digital Assistants. They are used for note-taking or contact management. Data can synchronize with a desktop.

Smart Phones

Smartphones are the hybrid of cell phones and personal digital assistant. It is used for web surfing and e-mail access.
Some important features of smartphones are:
• Phone
• Internet (E-mail, browsing)
• Camera
• Video Recording

Use of Computer in Organizations

Mainframe and minicomputers are used in large organizations.

Mainframe Computers

Mainframe computers are used in large organizations such as insurance companies and bank, where many people frequently need to use the same data.


They got their name because of their small size as compared to other computers of the day. The capabilities of minicomputers are somewhere between those of mainframe and personal computers. For this reason, minicomputers are also called as “Midrange Computers”.