What is difference between Reflection and Refraction?

On the base of straight light propagation, there are 2 phenomena that are reflection and refraction. Reflection used to deal with the bouncing rate of the light while refraction deals with the bending of light rays.


In the world, we can see everything with the help of light. In the absence of light, we will not be able to see anything. When the light of sun or bulb falls on any object then the object reflects the light which received by our eyes and we are able to see that object. There are different phenomenon about the result of light after falling on the object which we discuss below.

Definition of Reflection

Rebounding of light, sound, heat, and another object back to the source without absorbing is called reflection. When the light fall on the plan then it reflects back with the same angle in reflection.

According to the law of reflection

  • The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.
  • Ray of the incident, a ray of reflection, and normally drawn at the incident point, to the mirror, occurs at the same plane.

There are 2 types of reflection which are regular reflection and irregular reflection.

Definition of Refraction

When light falls on water medium from air medium than the direction of light bend due to the difference between the densities of 2 medium. If the medium is denser then the speed of light slow and vice versa.

In refraction, the light absorbed by the medium but direction and speed affected in this case.

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