What is the exact definition of Weather? Difference between Weather and Climate

Most people take the weather and climate the same but originally both are different. What people expected is called climate whereas what actually happens is called weather.


A mix of events that happens each day in our temperature is called weather. On earth, there is the same atmosphere but the weather is not the same at the same time in all over the world. Weather changes over minutes, hours, days, and weeks and it is not the same in different parts of the world.

Weather mostly happens in the atmosphere of the earth that closest the earth called the troposphere. The atmosphere can be changed by many factors which are temperature, wind direction and speed of the wind, and more. These factors determine the weather of any location

What is the exact definition of Climate?

Short term changes in the atmosphere are called weather whereas climate is used to describe the weather of the specific area for a long time. For the different regions, there will be different climates. For describing the climate of any place we need the temperature conditions, how windy the location is, and how much rain or snowfall for all seasons.

The scientists take the average of precipitation, temperature, humidity, sunshine, wind, and other weather measurements over a large time for the calculation of climate of any area. These average may be taken by scientists over 3 decades to find a climate called Normal Climate.

To find, weather the summer is hot and weather the winter is cold or snowy in a particular place, the Normal climate is helpful. At that location coldest day of the year and hottest day of the year can also be found through Normal Climate. But it is not used to find the weather for any specific day of the year.

Simply we can say that the weather tells us what to wear each day. Whether the climate tells us which types of cloth we need to have in our closet.



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