Advantages and Disadvantages of Networking


Networking is a set of interconnected autonomous systems that facilitate disturbed processing of information.


Advantages of Networking

Main advantages of networking are:
• The first and the main advantage of networking is its central storage of data. File can be stored in the file server which can be later shared and made available for each and every user in an organization.
• Anyone can connect to the modern computer network without any efforts. The effortlessness of its joining makes it workable for youthful kids also for exploiting the data. Files can be shared between users.
• It helps in solving problems by the little procedures which are taken by all the associated gadgets in a lesser time.
• It is highly flexible. This innovation is known to be truly adaptable, as it offers clients the chance to investigate everything about the fundamental things.
• It provides security through authorization and guarantees that authorized persons have access to the resources.
• It provides integrity and guarantees that data is what we expect.
• Reliability implies backing up information. Networking provides reliability that is it is working without having unexpected problems.

Disadvantages of Networking

Main disadvantages of networking are:
• It lacks independence as it is worked on PCs, so users will depend a lot on PC work, rather than applying an exertions for their jobs that needs to be done. The whole function is dependant on one unit that is file server.
• The expense of networking cabling and file servers can be expensive.
• It is complicated to manage a large network therefore it requires a network manager who usually needs to be employed and proper training.
• If there is any virus in the network, then it will spread to other computers that are throughout the network as well.
• There are many hackers who try to steal your personal information so there is always a danger of hacking in the wide-area network. So we need high security for preventing the network from them.

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