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Tekken game which is Japanese Iron fist game based on fights. Different players fight with each other in order to win the tournament. The game was first created, developed, and published by NamcoThe game was launched in December 1994 and the total instalments are 7. So, there are 7 total games in the series of Tekken Games.


Tekken 1 Game (Video Game)

Tekken Game or Tekken 1 game is first released in the series of Tekken Games and it was first released in arcades in 1994 and after that, it was released for PlayStation as well in 1995. In the first arcade version, there were only 8 characters while after that during the release for PlayStation the total characters were 17. This game is based on hand to hand combat with the opponent. If you are playing a tournament then you have to fight to win all characters in order to win the combat. After the Tekken 1 game, the Tekken 2 Game was released in the series.

Tekken 2 Game

Tekken 2 was the second game in the series of Tekken Games. It was released in August 1995 by Namco. It was also released for arcade for the first time and after that, the PlayStation version was launched in 1996. In the arcade version, there were only 10 playable characters and in Playstation mode there 25 playable characters. This is a fighting game in which player fight with each other in order to win the combat. It was one of the most successful game after Tekken 1 game. The next release after this version was Tekken 3 Game.

Tekken 3 Game

The third game in the series of Tekken Games is Tekken 3. This is released just after Tekken 2 Game. In arcades, it was released in 1997 and for PlayStation, the game was released in 1998. In this game, there were many characters added which were not available in the previous versions. Tekken 3 was the 2nd best selling game all over the world after its released.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament Game is the fourth edition in the series of Tekken Games. The first launching of the game was in 1999 for arcades and then after that in 2000, it was released for PlayStation 2. The Graphics were upgraded for the PlayStation version. A remastered version was also released in November 2011 for the PlayStation 3. The next game after Tekken Tag Tournament game was Tekken 4 Game.

Tekken 4 Game

The next addition to the series of Tekken games was Tekken 4 after Tekken Tag Tournament. This game was released by Namco in 2001 as a fighting game for arcades and then in 2002, it was released for PlayStation 2. This game is the most advanced game in the series of Tekken Games. You can see the movement of the player even before the starting of the round. The graphics are also very advanced as compared to the previous versions. In this game, the total characters were 23, with the addition of six new characters. This was the most popular game among the series of Tekken Games. The next game in the series was Tekken 5.

Tekken 5

The next in the series was Tekken 5 which was released in 2004 for arcades and in 2005 for PlayStation. There are many new entries of the players in this game. The graphics were modified as compared to the previous version. With the release of this game, it became the most popular game of that time. There are 32 total characters including 7 new characters. Tekken: Dark Resurrection was the next update of Tekken 5 Game.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

It is the update after Tekken 5 game. Tekken: Dark Resurrection was the first release in 2005 for arcades and then new update in PlayStation 3 was launched. This game was just an update with minor changes. It was also a successful project in the series of Tekken Games. It was a great business success because almost six millions of copies were sold. From this, it shows that how much popular this game was. After the successful launch, the next game came in 2007 having name Tekken 6 game.

Tekken 6 Game

Tekken 6 was the next release in the series of Tekken Games. This game was released in 2007 for the first time for arcades. In this version, there were updates in which there was also an update of home-based version. The reviews about the game were very positive, especially about the PSP version. The new characters in this game were added and there are more characters in this version than the previous games.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The next and eighth launch in the series of Tekken Games is Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This the sequel of Tekken Tag Tournament game. It was released in Japanese arcades on March 27, 2012. After that, a console version was launched in September 2012. As it is the next part of Tekken Tag Tournament game and like that game, it has all the characters of past games. The advancement in graphics and gameplay is part of this game which makes it different from the previous version. The next in the series was Tekken 7 Game.

Tekken 7 Game

This game was launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment as a fighting game. This is the latest release in the series of Tekken games as well as the most popular version of all time. New stages, items and characters were added to this version. This very advanced game than all of the previous versions. This game was a successful launch and before its first anniversary there were 3 millions copies of this game were sold which shows how much successful this version is. The main focus in this game was on 1 on 1 match. Not like the previous version, this game increased the number of characters as well. Now there are 48 playable characters available for the fight. In short, this game is much better than all the games in the series.


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